Any Benefit to Adding Bead of Glue to Click Lock Flooring


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Any Benefit to Adding Bead of Glue to Click Lock Flooring

Will put new click-lock flooring in a 200sf bedroom on a slab. Engineered wood Lowe's store brand. Floating installation.

The guy at Lowes told me he liked to add a quick bead of glue in the slots on his similar jobs.

I sort of like the idea of having more BONDING happening - but does anyone else do that or recommend for or against?

Many thanks!
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My first thought is that if you ever have to replace a damaged piece, you've pretty much got a problem. Beyond that, I would call the manufacturer's support number and ask. They know their product best and what it takes for a proper installation and warranty.
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Only time I use glue is for the final row that might be a tough install because of trim or other objects in the way. That and tough transitions from one room to another through a doorway. Floating click lock is designed to not use glue and doesn't need it. Unless the manufacturer specifically says this is an option, I wouldn't use it. As far as the clerk at the box store, I doubt he has installed many floors so take his recommendation as such.
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If the instructions for the flooring say it's OK to use glue then you could do it. If the instructions say NO glue then follow the instructions and use no glue. I've only done a few click lock floors and I've done them without glue and they are still holding together fine so I'd say glue is not needed.
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I vote for no glue, as said above it's not necessary. It will also create somewhat of a mess to clean up.
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Dane is correct. Some floors take glue & some don't. Read the manufacturer's instructions.
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Follow the manufacturers instructions or there is no warranty. That flooring "expert" will be selling paint next week.

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