Basement laminate


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Basement laminate

Hey guys question regarding laminate over concrete.

I live in a multi level back split. that's over 20 years old

When I finished my lowest level basement I used barricade insulated subfloor over the concrete and then laid my laminate floating floor.

Now the next level up that is still below ground with a concrete floor is being finished. This level is the same one that my furnace is on and used to be covered in carpet and was finished. I tore up the carpet and pulled down the ceiling (it was that spackle crap and figure it was easier to put up new vs refinishing). Turning this level into a 4th bedroom.

I'd like to lay laminate again, but I don't really want to use that same subfloor to save money, and because of the furnace on that level its never really cold that floor.

I'm going to be framing the walls soon so I've started thinking about the floor. Do I need to lay a vapor barrier? Would you use 6mm poly? I've heard that if water does come in mold could be an issue because its trapped. How bout something like Fortifiber Aquabar? I'm assuming it can't be laid right over the concrete like the carpet was.

Also since its on concrete would you glue it down? or just lay the barrier down tape joints down and then lay floor?
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Whether or not you need a barrier depends on the flooring. The last one I did was a Tarkett Worthington floor, didn't require it, because it had a thin foam backer on every piece... Not that you couldn't add poly anyway. But you are right, it would trap it. If it was mine I would probably put down the same type of floor, skip the poly.

If your floor ever would get wet, I'd get down there and take it all apart to try and save it. Course those floors are so inexpensive...

To test for moisture, tape the edges of a 2x2 ft piece of 4 mil poly on your floor, leave it for 24-48 hrs and see if there is any moisture under it.
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So I tested it for moisture and zeros. I'm looking at a laminate that has no underpad attached.

​​​​​​Was thinking of something like this then since it will insulate a bit from its felt lair and allow air underneath in the event some water does get under. What's are your thoughts?

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Ive used this underlayment in the last 2 basement laminate jobs with out any moisture issues.

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