Pergo Problems! Help!!!

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Pergo Problems! Help!!!

I’m currently struggling to install my Pergo outlast laminate flooring. I can get the pieces to “lock,” or at least something close to it, end to end, but I can’t build out the rows and get them to stay. They pop apart when we add a new row, and it basically just all falls apart.

I have read the instructions and dozens of articles, watched dozens of how-to videos (including from Pergo itself), and tried as many “tips and tricks” as I can find. I’ve tried different angles, sliding, tapping blocks, etc...

It it looks so simple when anyone else does it, but when we try, it doesn’t work. Does anyone have any suggestions or something obvious that I’m overlooking?

My mom is coming to visit in a couple weeks for the first time in two years, and our house looks like a train wreck (not to mention our saintly is wearing thin, living in this mess, lol).


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Since you've already looked at videos and read the instructions maybe you can find someone that's installed it before and have them show you. Maybe someone at the store knows how to click it together and can give you a demo.
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I hate those click lock flooring, never again, the old tongue and groove with glue used to work so well.

The last floor I did, which I struggled with, I found in a lot of the tongue that there were some very fine shavings from the milling process that was causing them to not fully engage.

Having a very level floor is a must also!
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Sounds like maybe you have the pieces backward or something. It's an interlocking tongue and groove that only works one direction... not the other.

The boxes also need to have been laid perfectly flat for days beforehand. They won't snap together if they are bowed.
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I put in a new pergo floor last year and had probs getting it to install right. I finally found a video where the guy said not to do what they say... use an install block and mallet and give it a real firm whack. I forget the names but there are two types of laminate interlock... one goes together with a firm push and shove. Most of that kind I've installed many times. This Pergo was a beast, and after I started using the install block and whacking it hard, it went together well... 600+ sq ft. Killed my knees and shoulder. If I remember correctly, you insert the end edge, then lift slightly and insert the long tongue, push firmly, then use the block and whack it hard in about 3 places down the length of the thing. It will pop right in if done properly. Good luck, it drove me crazy for a couple of days til I got it down.
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#1, Tonge needs to be facing away from the wall.
#2, Check every T & G for chips or damage.
#3, When starting a row make 100% sure the short butts line up perfect and never try to just slip it in and push it down to the floor in one pass.
You sort of work it up and down working it into the grove getting closer each time.
If there's any gap, stop and redo it until it's fully gap free.
#4, Once the row is finished I go over it with a white rubber mallet. (black leaves skid marks)
#5, Once that's done I start the whole second row laying on the floor next to the first row and install it as one long piece (yes it will take at least two people to do this)
But always do as before and work it up and down to work it into the grove until there's 0 gap, and once again tap over the whole thing with a mallet.
You should see any tiny gaps go away when tapping it.
I use the Roberts brand tapping block and z bar not the cheap Pergo brand, the Z bar is longer, thicker, the tapping block is much bigger and has a handle on it.
It's far easyer to assemble as whole rows and far less chances of damage to the flooring.

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