Tacking on Timber Trim beading


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Tacking on Timber Trim beading

Quick Question folks,

I'm pretty new to all this DIYing - and I'm having some difficulty tacking on timber trim beading. Basically there's a gap between the floor boards and the skirting board that needs to be covered up.

I've picked up the timber beading and the small nails as recommeneded in my local hardware store. But I have a problem.

The nails are very small. They're the right size for the job. But it is very hard to hammer them in.

They are so small that when I try to hold them in place with my fingers, you can't see the nail at all. So it's very hard to hammer them. My fingers are covering the whole nail.

I'm reluctant to invest in a nail gun/ stapler as I'm only an occassional DIYer.

Any advice folks?
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Can you hold the hold the nail with a needle nose pliers? drilling a small hole in the molding may also help.
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For such tiny nails I have a nail pusher tool. It looks like an awl or ice pick with a bigger handle. The tip looks like a hefty nail with a slot at the end where you lay the brad/nail. Then you use the tool to push the brad into the trim you are fastening. Another option is to glue the trim in place instead of nailing.
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Most of us here are in the US so we may be loosing something in the translation.
Here it's called 1/4 round or shoe molding.
Should be using at least a 2" finish nail, so I'm not sure why if your using the right length nail your fingers would be in the way.
Posting a picture of what your trying to install may show something I'm missing about your situation.
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Thanks for the replies fellas. Much appreciated. I tried the tip of pre-drilling tiny holes. That helps a lot. Also long nose pliers helps get the fingers out of the way.
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hi Joecaption - Yeah, perhaps something has been lost in translation. A 2-inch nail wouldn't wortk on this job.
I've attached a pic of the trim. There are lots of different sizes on offer at the local store.
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