Hardwood flooring on bathroom wall

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Hardwood flooring on bathroom wall

I'm hoping to put hardwood flooring on a bathroom wall. It is behind a freestanding tub by about 10 inches, any many feet away from the sink and shower, so I don't anticipate much if any water droplets, but there will be moisture from the shower. What downfalls can I expect? Does the sheen of the hardwood make a difference (being more or less porous)? Will we be able to go wall edge to wall edge, and if so, how do we account for expansion?
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As a decorative material it should work fine, gluing would be easiest, maybe a few face nails into the studs to hold in place. Leave a small gap around the perimeter, just like a floor install,

I would use a engineered 3/8 material, it can get heavy!

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I would probably shoot it on with brad nails. Leave about 1/2" per side, and trim the edges with "back banding". Backbanding is like an outside corner moulding but a full 1" wide so that it can cover a 3/4" edge.

It's what was used to trim the edge of door and window trim 100 yrs ago.


If you cant get backbanding, a 1" outside corner trim might work. Leave a 1/4" gap and slide the corner molding into the gap so that it covers the cut edges.
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With all due respect I could not disagree more with the other posters.
Just a really bad idea!
Just to name a few reasons.
Brads have no heads so about 0 holding power.
Waters getting to get on it over time so no matter what finish you use it's going to start to peel over time, then what?
Back band molding is great, but has nothing to do with what your trying to do and is never going to match the flooring.
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With all due respect as a finish carpenter for 30 yrs.... 2" brads through the tongue of the flooring will be fine. This is a decoration on a wall, and as he said, it is not in a wet area... at least he does not anticipate it getting wet. If there is drywall there now, I dont know what possible problem there would be with putting wood up.

And by the way, 18 gauge brads have a small head. 23 gauge pin nails are "headless".
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