How do I start to repair laminate flooring?

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How do I start to repair laminate flooring?

I'm wondering how I might start to get this flooring repaired. I think I need to lay some cement board down, then can I just put replacement laminate flooring over it, or will I need to do more with glue or other layers to get an even floor? Is the blue foam part of the cement board, or another component. Any tips I should know to connect the laminate properly? Thanks for any help!

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So there is really no repair of laminate, you simply replace.

Not fully understanding what is going on, the underlayment vs your comment of CBU, what happened?
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Do you have replacement material already? Hopefully you have some left over from the original installation as finding an exact match can be difficult.

I assume you had water damage right in front of the door. From the photo we can't see the elevation of the subfloor. Since you mentioned cement board do you have to build up the subfloor to get to the correct elevation? If so I would remove some of the good flooring so your seams will be in the middle of your finished flooring. You don't want all the seams of your subflooring, pad and finish flooring to line up on top of each other which is how it will end up if you just start "repairing" in the area you have exposed in the photos.
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Sorry about the lack of info. Here are a couple more photos that show elevation and answers to questions. Thanks again!

- I had mold remediated that was coming in from the sliding glass door. I caulked where I believe it was coming in from.
- I do have extra flooring laminate and will need to cut it to size.
- The flooring underneath seems pretty even, but it's a bit lower than the laminate, so I wondered if cement board was the correct item to use to get it to the right elevation, or if I needed something else.
- It looks like there is some foam pad below the laminate, then some sort of concrete.
- Do I need to glue the pieces together, or will they "snap" into place?

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The mortar like substance is a floor leveller. You may need some more if the floor is not level (flat) and your last pic indicates you will need to taper that floor leveller out a ways. Hard to tell without being there. Arden Feather Finish would be a good product to use there.

The blue piece is underlayment. It comes in roll form and acts as a cushion or pad for the laminate. You will need some more of similar thickness. Roll it out after the floor patch is dry.

As mentioned, hope you have some more flooring to match... if you dont it might be impossible to match. You will need to remove at least one more piece... that skinny one that is broken off... and possibly the one that goes around the vent, because the end groove on that piece looks damaged. You do not glue it together, it should snap together. Unless the old flooring is damaged, and it just wont stay clicked together.

Hope that answers some questions... if not post back.
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