Questions before I install laminate floor


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Questions before I install laminate floor

I am installing 8mm thick, 8-inch wide laminate flooring.

First, why must the pieces of laminate floor that I cut be at least 8 inches in length? I have read this rule again and again and I'd like to know the reason.

Second, I will be using a pair of floor clamps (or "strap clamps"). I plan to clamp each piece immediately after gluing for five minutes. However, the first three rows must be clamped for 1.5 hours. The rows run 12 feet across. How far apart do I place these clamps?

These questions may not make much sense because this is unfamiliar territory for me. Please give me any thoughts or wisdom you may have on floor clamping.

Thanks in advance!
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In the order of the questions.... Cut plank lengths should not really be less than 1/3 of the total plank length for maximum integrity. (strength) You should also measure the distance across the room that you are flooring so as to NOT end up with a narrow plank, one that is less than 2" wide at the end or other side of the room. The job will look better if centered on the floor area. Your glue will not be "set" in less than up to 3 hours and not cure in less than 24 hours, failure will result if the clamps are removed before the glue "sets". Failure can result if you walk on the floor during the first 24 hours. I prefer to clamp every plank or about 4'-0" between clamps, some do less.

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