Old Football Question


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Old Football Question

Yes I would like to know if during the early 70's did they ever use like a plastic, rubber like football instead of leather. Reason being, I found a old football with alot of signatures on it in my grandfathers attic, it was in a box and had a note with it that said gameball 1971 Rose Bowl. It had OSU stamped on it and Rose Bowl. But like I said it is like a rubber type football. I dont know if it is the real deal or it might have been a ball sold at game for souvenir, or nothing at all.
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unless the ball bag was accidently loaded in the wrong cargo bin and all stores in the area were sold out of leather, I don't think a plastic ball would have been used.....

I became more and more intrigued with the answer so I searched out the web with the goal of proving it is or isn't official and found a page below which provides a scenario for the ball being a store souvenier...


Are the signatures penned or stamped?

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