Super Bowl!!!


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Smile Super Bowl!!!

Whats everybody doing for it, anything fun? Well, have fun... I am trying to think of some ideas though... Thanks anyways!

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No party for me this year. The wife and I decided to stay home and cook a fat steak outside on the grill.
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Just like New Years Eve it will be the wife and kids here at home having our own party. My son is 11 and I'm going to let him make the wings. He needs to earn his 1st class cooking in Scouts and he wants to do wings at the next campout, so he's getting ready to learn a secret of mine. We'll also have those little smoked sausages in sauce, veggies w/dip and other snacks.

Every one just have fun and DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.
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I got my rental copy of "Heidi". Since I got to see part of it a couple years ago, I thought I would watch the rest. LOL
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Yes, we have a Super Bowl!

It's made by Corning and will hold the sauce that is going on our smoked back ribs for tonight's supper!

Was never really fond of golf anyway.
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Originally Posted by majakdragon
I got my rental copy of "Heidi". Since I got to see part of it a couple years ago, I thought I would watch the rest. LOL

Some of the hotels around here have "Betty Bowl" parties
Facials, seaweed wraps, pedicures, that sort of thing
They'll "...have the game on in the lounge"
Like a get out of the house while your guy and his buds watch the Superbowl thing
I thought that was clever

The girls at my house'll be watching the Bowl though
They like football, especially the Patriots
In fact, if I want to watch the game in peace (they are enthusiastic fans also), I'll prolly have to go down to the lounge at the Betty Bowl
Ha ha

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