pool table accessories


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pool table accessories

Hello first off thanks for the help. I was wondering if there was an accessory that existed that could be installed or whatever over or on a pool table that prevented the balls from flying everywhere if accidentally struck wrongly. I need to know this because I have a large basement that has marble installed for flooring and pool balls hitting a marble floor isn't really that good. Something like this probably doesn't exist but I could be wrong and get lucky. Thanks again MIKE
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I think you are out of luck on this one. The only thing that I know of to stop this is the one holding the stick. Good luck.
Actually, you could get some fatigue mats that they sell for work areas if the balls aren't flying too far and surround the table with them.
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Ya that is what I thought. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. In your best opinion If I went with a fatigue mat how wide do you think it should be around the pool table to be considered safe. Also consider that people will be told beforehand to play it safe but there is always mistakes if you know what I mean. Thanks

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I've got pinball machines and other glass covered "toys" around the game room. The general party rules are:

The first time a ball leaves the table you loose the game.

The second time the ball leaves the table you loose the game and can't play anymore.

If your ball leaves the table again and hits one of my pins than you loose the game, run one lap around the house naked and give me a hundred bucks.

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