Help with building a b-ball net


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Help with building a b-ball net

I completly screwed up trying to start it before my dad got home. I had to wait cause he had the wrench but i did step one by myself. which is jam pole A into pole B. It didn't say to how to line it up, and it's stuck, what do i do? me and my dad tried pulling at it and stuff.
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One thing that you might try is to put a big pipe wrench on each pipe, and turn in opposite directions to loosen it. Also before doing this, put some oil or dish soap where the pipes went together to give them a slippery film to slide on. Sometimes, in these cases, you need to think outside the box. Do the pipes really need to come apart, or can you use the pole as it is ?
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If the pipes are metal, try heating the outside pipe with a hair dryer. This should make it expand enough to remove the inside pipe. Good luck with your project.

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