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Pool Table

I'm looking for a pool table for my covered patio. I've looked at a few tables that are labeled as waterproof or weatherproof, but they cost a couple thousand dollars which is way over my budget. Does anyone know any reason why I can't put a non-weatherproof (i.e., indoor) table on my patio. It is roofed (roof doesn't leak) and gets no sunlight. The big problems I think would be humidity or heat - and that would bother the outdoor tables as well. Any thoughts? Anyone have experience with this? My budget is < $1000


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Sorry it has taken so long to reply.

I think a lot depends on your table. I have a mid 1970's Brunswick, the height of particle board and plastic trim technology. I don't think it would survive for long on a covered porch so I would not attempt it.

If your table is good quality with a real wood frame and slate top I would give it a try. It should hold up reasonably well but I would expect the wood to crack and show weathering after a couple years. You might want to look for an outdoor "felt" or maybe use Sunbrella fabric but if it were me I would put the table out there and use the standard felt until it got too mildewed before going to the trouble of recovering.

Tables are always for sale in the classified section of the newspaper or on Craigs List so I would not purchase a new one. Pool tables are about like cars. They seem to loose much of their value once you take it home so I would not hesitate to buy a used one.
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A used one is the way to go...esp if you can find an old pool hall or a company that may have a few ugly old commercial/bar type ones around.

You need a slate bed..any sort of wood makes it a slolom course..not a pool table. The humidity/heat may affect how the balls roll over time..but thats easy to adapt to.

Check with any local companys that handle arcarde contracts for bars and such.

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