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I can't believe I was suckered by all the hype to purchase the $100 boxing match tonight, if you want to call it that.

They say live and learn but at almost 64 it doesn't seem I'm catching on.
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I've never understood the appeal of watching two guys beat each other to a bloody pulp.
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Well Mayweather had plenty of practice with his baby-mamas. No wonder he won. Isn't it time we stopped encouraging and rewarding violence.
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I remember my "experience" back in the '80s. I even forget who was fighting, but I got the popcorn ready, all the beverages set up and cooled down, turned the TV on to watch a match that lasted 15 seconds. KO. Game over. Luckily, back then, it didn't cost what it does now.

I agree with Ray on promoting a violent sport. Like, what's the point? They could have gone to Baltimore and gotten the same results to their bodies.
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Larry, I remember that fight [was it Tyson?] 3 guys at the shop paid $25 [?] each to watch it on the big screen at a bar, 1 went to the bath rm and another to the bar to get drinks - both missed the fight!
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Yeah, it may have been Tyson. I forget what they did with the remainder of the time allocation on TV. Blink of an eye and it's over.
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I'm surprised PPV didn't kill boxing a long time ago. I wouldn't pay the $25 Mark mentioned to say nothing of a C-note.

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