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Let me start by stating I have no interest in professional football, in fact no interest in professional sports of any kind. But I DO wonder how a US district court has any jurisdiction over what should be an entirely inside (the NFL) matter.

Judge overrules NFL, nullifies Brady's 'Deflategate' suspension | Sports | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

IF the NFL board of commissioners has the power to make the rules concerning how the game is played, and the conduct of any and all members of the league, then shouldn't they also have the power to discipline members of the league that disobey those rules? As a private, "invitation only" club are they not outside the purview of the judicial branch of government in all internal affairs that do not specifically infringe upon a person's constitutionally protected rights?

I'll admit that it has been a few years since I have read the US Constitution in its entirety but I surely don't remember ANY part that specifically or even abstractly pertains to professional sports or the rules of any PRIVATE organization such as the National Football League. How can this judge possible rule that a "four game suspension" is excessive? What legal principle is he using for this ruling?
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I have to agree. I have no idea why any time was wasted in a federal court over this private matter. That was probably the message the judge was sending if you read between the lines.
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I think the judge made it clear beforehand that he really didn't want to rule in the matter and wanted the NFL to handle it internally. Unfortunately, between Brady, the NFL Player's Association and the NFL they simply couldn't come to an agreement so the judge had to look long and hard to find some element of law that would allow him to make a ruling.

I disagree with most of the reasoning of the judge but I AM troubled by this:
Brady was also denied equal access to investigative files, including witness interview notes, and didn't have a chance to examine one of two lead investigators, the judge said.
Now if this is true, that Brady was NOT allowed access to the investigative files and was NOT able to cross-examine all the witnesses against him then that WAS a miscarriage of justice. The rest of what the judge cited are specious arguments at best in my opinion. I think the judge was absolutely wrong in stating that Goodell did not have the power to impose the four game suspension.

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