Termites in Shed

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Exclamation Termites in Shed

Hello found evidence of an active termite infestation on one side of the roof of my shed. I think this is due to the shingles leaking on top. What do I do?

1) Can I spray myself? Should I spray now or do I risk them moving to my house by spraying now?

2) Can I wait until spring to repair the damage on the shed? The only damage I see is in the plywood of the roof.

3) Should I hire a pest control company to treat my house to prevent infestation to the house? My shed is about 40 yards away from the house. The previous owners actually had termites in the house before. They had it treated, (I know that from holes drilled into the side walls of the basement cinder blocks) I'm not sure how long ago they had that treatment. All damage in the house done by that infestation was repaired before I moved in.

4) There is old wood from renovations piled next to the shed. Should I just burn it to be safe?
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It is best to have home inspected for termites and other wood boring insects and maintain annual contract. Keep in mind that exterminators can only inspect visible areas. They do not have x-ray vision and can not see inside wall voids.

Remove the debris piled near the shed and burn if allowed to do so where you live or haul to landfill. Your local refuse department can provide you with landfill location, dumping fees, etc.

Winter foraging by termites in structures tends to cease when temperatures are cold, unless the structure is heated. Biology of Subterranean Termites in the Eastern United States

DIY termite treatment on homes is not recommended. The pros have the equipment and chemicals not available to the consumer. It is worth the cost to maintain annual contract with exterminator to protect the investment in your home.

DIY treatment on sheds, fences, tree stumps can be done.
Termites and Termite Control

See what termiticides are available in your area. Apply according to label directions when the weather starts to warm up. Make sure you have eliminated the termites before making the repairs.

In the meantime, temporarily address the moisture issues caused by leaky shingles. Use roofing tar or something to stop the moisture until you eliminate the termites.

Once termites are gone, tear off the shingles, replace the underlayment. At the eave, install drip edge first. Reinstall rolled asphalt roofing. Along the overhang, install drip edge over the asphalt roofing paper. Then, install new shingles.
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Look on your electric panel or hot water heater for a treatment sticker. Most states require companies to post one when they've treated. That may give you a little history. If not see if it's in your documents when you bought the house. Should have been disclosed.Most treatments last a few years ( but termites can and still do slip through from time to time). But it may give you some comfort and you can call that company. Maybe they'll take you back as a customer for just the renewal fees. Better than paying for a new job. Termites are always a threat so the distance is not relevant. Wood on the ground is, go ahead and burn it or what have you. Make sure the damage is actually termite and what kind. Usually there would be some evidence lower that you could see as well or tubes. Carpenter ants are famous for what you've described and would (usually) only do local damage.look for mud tubes and mud in general. For pics and descriptions look here and see if it matches. Termites What to look for | Pest Cemetery
Good Luck

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