Carpenter ant queens


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Carpenter ant queens

For 2-3 years we've had (what I consider to be) a minor issue with carpenter ants: several ants getting into our 10' above ground screened porch with a few getting into the house. I use some bait (and dust near the doorway) and they're gone in a week or two. I believe this is a satellite colony and have never been able to locate the main / parent colony.

The problem has grown this year. We've had perhaps 60 -70 ants and have started seeing queens. The queens die as well but have found about 10 in the porch so I'm quite concerned.

I'm still unable to find the main colony and am wondering what's going on as the porch is 10' above ground on posts. No ants are on the ground, the posts, or the house.

Thoughts please. I'm wondering if it's time to call the pros but with all the ants dying and being unable to find anything outside, I don't know what they could do.
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The pro's are having much success with treating exterior of structures with the active ingredient: fipronil. Examples are Termidor, Taurus SC, Fuse.

This is a "non-repellent" concentrate that is mixed with water and commonly applied with compressed air sprayer. Do not use any other sprays, aerosols, dusts as they are most likely "repellent" and will work against the fipronil strategy. Baiting is a good supplement, though don't spray near the bait even with fipronil.

Treat exterior perimeter, several feet up and several feet out. Treat under porches, decks both wood and soil. Treat soffits, gaps/crevices in slabs, sidewalks, etc. Treat mature trees by spraying the trunks about 4 feet up from ground. Give it several weeks before reassessing success as it works slowly. They don't even know it is there which is part of the strategy. The foraging ants will get it on them, and they then contaminate the colony upon their return. They die slowly, so let it happen. All ant colonies have foragers which must leave the colony to find food, so in this respect even the ants that don't leave the nest will be contaminated upon the foragers return. If they bring back some carpenter ant bait, so much the better.

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