Thermostat for central heating for building with 32 apartments

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Thermostat for central heating for building with 32 apartments


The central heating unit of the building burns some oil and has not thermostat connected to the temperature in the 32 separate apartments, so in warm days heating is too hot, wasting oil and money.

Of course there are no installed sensors in the apartments, so my idea would be:

1. Install the thermostat in the basement close to the heating unit in an area where the temperature should NOT be sensed. So it is critical that the thermostat does NOT have a temperature sensor inside or if it exists, that it is possible to disable such sensor.

2 Use just a couple of wireless temperature sensor in the closer apartments, considering that the temperature in those 2 apartments should be a very good indication of the temperature of the whole building. So it is critical to be able to connect wireless temperature sensors.

3 as plan B, if something goes wrong take the pain to draw some wires to some apartments to install wired temperature sensors.

Well, Honeywell thermostats seem very good, but there are lots of models and I am confused. Tried to send an email to Honeywell but nobody replied, possibly because I am located in Uruguay. Anyone here knows which thermostat may be suitable?

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Depending where in the world you are, you may want to consider the side of the building also because of the effects of the sun and wind.

I saw an extreme when I lived in an apartment (7 story) for a week or so many times in Russia. They had a central heating plant (oil or gas hot water) for each building and in typical Russian way, there was one common system for each apartment. It was not surprising to see all windows open on one side of the building and all closed on the other side in the transition seasons (spring and fall). Fortunately, everything was concrete with a lot of thermal mass/stability, so the apartments were comfortable because many of the internal walls were also concrete. It actually worked quite well since the exterior was concrete sandwich panels for insulation. - Of course everything was made in a factory and erected with cranes, since ready-mix concrete was not very common and wood was thought to be for the slums.

Before I went to Russia, a friend said If it does not make sense it must be true. "You just have use a different approach". I found out that they had to come up with building system for all similar size or shape buildings that would work for 12 time zones that run north to south when you have great rail system.


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