Amana-PTAC Remote Setback


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Amana-PTAC Remote Setback

I have an amana-ptac unit in a shop/studio workspace behind our house.

Several years ago, I set up a remote switch to toggle the "front desk" option to turn the unit on/off from the house, but that is a stone axe approach that completely "turns off" the ptac ...i.e. if the temperature plummets in "front desk" mode, pipes will freeze.

I am relatively familiar with the unit's configuration controls, but those available on this unit (a PTH153G50AXXXAA) have no (apparent) way to set min/max temperatures in "front desk" mode and it seems that none of the other remote options have that option either.

Thinking about this for a while, it _looks_ as if the simplest approach to get the option to set setbacks is to put a simple mechanical (mercury switch) thermostat in the "front desk" line between the ptac and relay so that when the setback temp is reached, the "front desk" circuit will open allowing the ptac unit to keep the temp from exceeding the setback temperature.

Two questions;
Is there an easier way to do this?
Is there any problem with the above approach?

fwiw, over a quarter century ago, I designed a circuit that used an X10 relay and a simple mechanical thermostat in addition to the main thermostat that allowed me to select a setback temperature using the simple thermostat and then toggle between the main thermostat and setback thermostat using the X10 relay which provided manual, X10 and telephone control.

Thanks In advance,
Beverly Howard

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Oops... how do I turn off the html codes that appeared after I posted the above message?<br />
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Beverly Howard
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Welcome to the forums.

I'm guessing you posted from a phone ? That can leave many codes behind.

It sounds like you currently have a wire out to the workspace.
Why don't you use that to control a relay that switches between two stats like you previously did ?

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