Need thermostat for hydronic system- Nest?

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Need thermostat for hydronic system- Nest?

I am in the middle of a project that involves replacing my old radiator system with hydrionic floor heat in my kitchen. I have everything needed except the thermostat. I really like the Nest, but Im not sure if it supports a hydrionic system. Google CLAIMS it does, but I thought such a thermostat requires a floor sensor and I dont see Google selling floor sensors for NEST. The main thing I am looking for is programmability and Id like to be able to control it over wifi or cloud. I like the feature the Nest has where it ramps up so the temperature so it reaches the temp at the scheduled time. I would also like to be able to include multiple zones in the near future, and I love the nest having remote sensors, because sometimes rooms get overly hot in my house so I could switch where the temperature is measured. Am I looking in the wrong place? Does Honeywell make an advanced Tstat that will do what I want? Do I need the floor sensor?
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How are you going to zone your kitchen, via a pump or zone valves?

The Nest does have the ability during setup to tell the thermostat what kind of system you have. I have a Nest E for my garage radiant floor, which turns off and on a Taco pump control box SR501. I don't have a floor sensor, so the Nest just kicks off/on heat based on room temp. As this is a garage, I'm more than fine if it overshoots on occasion as I normally keep the temps in the 50s/60s. For a kitchen, a floor sensor may be a nice feature.
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Typically with radiant floor heat the water temperature is set with a mixing valve that holds the heating water at a constant temperature that isn't as hot as the boiler temperature.

That means you would use a standard thermostat.
Although the nest has its downfalls.... it will work with hydronic systems.
The Ecobee line of wifi stats is pretty good.
Honeywell also offers wifi stats.
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What are you doing to manage water temperature?
Youll want the radiant system at a lower temperature then the standard radiators. As you don’t want to heat the floor to 180. And the lower water temperature will not work well for standard radiators.
Avoid the Nest. It’s got several issues and problems, and is generally considered unreliable. Honeywell and Ecobee offer much better options.

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