Leaking shower faucet... drip, drip, drip

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Leaking shower faucet... drip, drip, drip

I got a 2 handle shower faucet.... one valve for cold and one for hot. Water is dripping from the tub spout all the time and water is leaking from one of the valves when it is turned on.

I assume is just needs a couple washers and o-rings but havent opened it up yet. Any ideas, hints or suggestions?? Thanks!! Tools needed are adjustable wrench and maybe deep sockets?

I guess i have to turn off the water by the meter as wel as the hot water heater, right?
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Be sure to turn off the hot water heater if you drain it.
What make is the shower assembly?
Delta, moen, Kohler, etc.
If you can identify the design, a exploded view of assembly might be able to be found.
I knoe Kohler has them on its websight, not sure about the others. Knobs come off first. Let some wd-40 soak in overnight before cranking on the rest, if it is tight or encrusted with deposits.
How old is this leaky set? If really old, you may be better off replacing. Parts may not be available depending on age and model, the threads may be stripped as well if well worn. (I say this based on it being seperate controls. Many new ones are single control)
We had the same problem for years, on a 1957 bathroom. THe cat enjoyed the tub spigot drip until the bath was remodeled. We waited to replace until the remodel because it would be a risk to attemp repairing/replacing parts.
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George 2002; I'm no expert so I can't help very much except to say what I'm going thru now. I had the same symptons (drip,drip,drip) on a two tap (hot and cold) shower fawcet. The brand is Waltec. I figured out that these were cartridge type taps so I decided to replace the whole cartridge (for both of them around $20). Off to the plumbing department I went with my one removed cartridge (the hot) to find a replacement. I found the same brand (Waltec) replacement cartridges and discovered also that they came labeled in both hot and cold. Not being 100% sure which was leaking, I bought both. At home I quickly replaced both cartridges and the leak stopped. But, one strange thing happened. Previous to the fix, both the hot and cold taps turned clockwise to off. After replacing the cartridges with new (hot and cold), now the hot turns clockwise to off and the cold turns Counter-clockwise to off. Strange, or what?
But that's not the worst of it.... after only 3 weeks of no drips, you guessed it.... drip, drip, drip! The pretty one looks at me and asks "now what"?

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you said the replacements were the same brand, but are they really? they could be inferior units made by danco or such. what company produced these items? go to a real plumbing supply house to get quality cartriges or order on-line.
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Hey, guys, this is a 5 year old post. Hope they have it fixed by now. Check the dates.

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