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>>>>Frequently Asked Toilet Questions Please Read This Post 1st<<<<

This section contains answers to frequently asked toilet questions. It is meant by no means to be the quick answer to your problems, only an immediate resource for many common problems.

If you need additional advice or clarification of the advice given on this page, please post a new question so we may assist you better. Please indicate such things as, drain pipe what type it is, what brand of toilet you have, and any other details that may be important.

My toilet does not flush right?

Flush Holes. Cleaning flush holes under bowl rim:


My toilet runs will not shut off?

Water leak on floor by toilet?

Adjusting a Poorly Flushing Toilet?

Replacing toilet Information here?

My toilet does not flush right?

More how to's. Cleaning Flush Holes Under Bowls Rim:


Check and make sure the flush ring and the toilet blow hole are open make sure these holes are clear of hard water build-up

Is there any bluing tablets in the tank?

Remove any bluing cake drop-ins, these are a #1 cause of plugging up the toilet flush ring.

Is the tank flapper staying up long enough?

If it tends to drop to fast, replace the tank flapper.

Is Tank fill valve operating ok?

You should have good water flow though this, including the bowl fill tube, this is the tube that comes from the tank fill valve to the overflow on the flush valve.

This is the most important part of the toilet, if this is not working right you will have problems with it flushing good.

Is toilet plugged up?

There could be a foreign object inside the trap of the toilet, try a plunger or toilet auger, to clear or remove such object.

Toilet flushes slow raises to top then goes out slowly and water comes up in the tub or shower?

This indicates the mainline is clogged up, you will need to have the line cleaned out.

My toilet runs will not shut off? (Stop Running)

Check tank flapper

A worn out tank flapper will cause toilet to run, replace with a new one

Check the chain from flush handle

Too tight will cause water to leak past tank flapper making toilet run.

Check Tank Fill Valve

If the tank fill valve is old and worn out, this can cause the water not to shut off and will continue to run all the time. Replace the tank fill valve with a fill valve.

Flush Valve

Surface of the flush valve where the tank flapper makes the seal, if rough or pitted, this will cause water to leak past flapper.

Tank fill valve bowl fill tube

The tube the comes from the tank fill valve to the overflow on the Flush Valve , if it's below the tank full line. this can cause water to siphon out of the tank making the tank fill valve to turn on and off all the time.

Water leak on floor by toilet?

Tank to Bowl Kit leaking.

Replace the tank to bowl kit, remove chlorine tablets out of the tank, these can break down rubber parts cause the tank to leak

Wax Ring Seal Broken?

Pull and reset toilet, make sure toilet sits even on floor, shim where needed.

Toilet Inlet Water Supply Leaking?

Replace with a new one if tightening it up did not stop it.

Try tightening up the packing nut behind the shut off valve handle,

Tank Cracked?

Most likely not, but it can happen.

Tank Sweating?

Humidity in a bathroom can create tank sweat, install a tank liner and find a way to remove the moister out of the air.

Bad or Broken Tank fill valve?

Fill valve in tank sprays water toward tank lid, this allows water to roll down outside of tank, install a new fill valve to fix this problem.

High pitched sound at toilet fill valve?

Tank fill valve makes noise like whining or sounds like fog horn

This is an indication the fill valve is in need of replacement, replace it with a new fill valve. This will 99% of the time solve this.

Adjusting a Poorly Flushing Toilet?

Many people find themselves needing to flush twice because of a poorly flushing toilet. Instead of calling an expensive plumber to come and fix the problem, this is actually a project that you can handle yourself, with a little help from DoItYourself.com. Learn to adjust the water level, open the shut-off valve and clear obstructions. Calling for a local plumber should be a last resort, if the problem persists after following all of the given instructions.


Replacing toilet information here?

Good step by step toilet replacement info


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Plumbing Manufacture 800 #'s and Web Site Links

American Standard 1-800-442-1902

Kohler 1-800-4-KOHLER (456-4537)

Moen 1-800-BUY-MOEN (289-6636)

Delta 1-800-345-DELTA (3358)

Price Pfister 1-800-Pfaucet 1-800-732-8238

In-sink-erator 1-800-558-5700

Sloan Valve Company 1-800-982-5839

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