toilet fill valve


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toilet fill valve

Dear Sir...I have employed TWO plumbers to fix this probelm and have had TWO new toilets installed...they have the same problem...the fill valve keeps running about every 4 - 7 minutes. The water goes down in the tank and then calls for more water. The flappers have been replaced, valves checked, water line checked, fittings checked, toilet still keeps doing it. The plumbers are baffled as they said they have installed "thousands of toilets" and this is the you have any suggestions??? Thank you.
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The normal resolution to this problem is to replace the flapper and clean the flapper seat with steel wool or SOS pad.
If the new flapper has rubber "ears" and there are two L-shaped brackets at the bottom of the overflow pipe, cut out the rubber ring of the flapper and install its "ears" on the L-shaped brackets.
They seem to work better this way.
The flapper chain should be shortened to where it just allows the flapper to seal fully.
Flush the toilet and watch the action of the flapper to make sure that its chain isn't kinking slightly and keeping it from closing all the way.
Good Luck!

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