Changing Flooring under toilet


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Changing Flooring under toilet

I'm replacing vinyl sheet goods with ceramic tile - I know I have to remove the toilet. How do I gauge what height of flange/seal combination I need when I replace the toilet? Also, do I tile right up to the flange, or allow a space?
I've laid tile before, but not in a bathroom. Appreciate any assistance or tips.
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Raise the flange and tile right up under it. (Stuff a rag in the closet bend to prevent sewer gas from entering after removing the toilet.)
The flange should be raised and bolted to the floor with only the thickness of the flange itself above finished floor level. Use an awl to mark the spots so that the drill won't skip and use a masonry bit to drill flange anchor or long screw holes through the tile and cement board.
If you can't raise the flange for some reason, there are "second choice" alternatives (use flange extensions made for the purpose or double the wax rings).
Good Luck!
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Lay the tile right up against the flange, then view the pictures below to show you how I fill in the gaps. This forces the water to stay on top of the floor, rather than to be hidden and leak down and around flange, causing damage.

On this link, you can see the gaps where the carpenters laid the wood subfloor up to the flange.

This link shows where I take a 68 cent wax ring and fill all the voids around the flange where the water would instantly go if the toilet was plunged too hard and broke the seal.

This guarantees hardly any water damage to wood, and a U-shaped caulk ring around base of toilet keeps it sanitary and allows water to escape the back side of toilet if ring happens to fail.
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What is the proper installation tho?

On top of the floor or within as the last poster is showing?
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I see the confusion.....

Personally, if you can mount the flange on top of the tile, that is market industry standard, as would be in any new construction install.

But in the case where the average joe is putting in a floor and has no plumbing technique, then I say to tile up to it, rather than trying to explain the necessity of the fact the flange SHOULD be on top of the final surface.

Pulling the flange if plastic can stress the piping it is connected to, thus causing stress cracks in the piping.

Only have I seen this happen once, and it was ugly.

If you have a pipe sticking up with no flange, put the flange on last, this will properly seal the toilet with the wax ring without spacers or doubling the rings.

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