Flushable Cat litter really flushable?


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Question Flushable Cat litter really flushable?

I recently moved into a new apartment and adopted a cat. Since the trash bin is a long walk from my building, I was quite excited to find cat litter that claimed it was flushable. I've been using it for about 3 weeks or so. However, today when I cleaned the littler box and flushed it as usual, the toilet almost overflowed. After filling up to the top, it slowly went down and left very little water in the bottom of the bowl.

1. I'm assuming that the cat litter isn't flushable?
2. How do I fix the toilet? I'd rather not call maintence if I can do it myself, as I haven't told management that I have a cat yet.
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Only thing that should go down a toilet is what passes through the human body first, and toilet paper.

Anything else is going to cause problems.
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Call the company and get that in writing. Make sure you get the clause that covers house calls by a plumber.
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Say someone clogged their toilet with cat litter. What is the best way to fix it? What is the most feasible way to fix it?
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You can try a wet-dry shop vac to try to clear the built-in toilet trap. If that doesn't work, you may have to pull the toilet and flush the trap out outside with a water hose.
If the drain pipe also seems clogged, you can get an expandable rubber bladder that fits onto the end of a water hose (stick it into the pipe, especially work it past the vent) to flush the litter down.
Good Luck!
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My friend flushed some cat litter down the drain about a month ago. She was cat sitting for me when I was out of town.

Yesterday the toilet would not flush. It has been over a month since the cat litter was flushed. I dont know if it could have contributed to this.

When I put water into the bathroom sink, the toilet will have air bubbles rise and the water level will rise in the toilet.
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You have a clog that may have started with the litter and built up with paper.
Use the expandable bladder on a water hose through a clean-out plug to clear the main drain line.
Good Luck!
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I believe that this type of cat litter is flushable. The only bad things that I encountered while using it was that it doesn't clump well at all and usually falls apart when you attempt to clean out the litter box.
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No kitty litter is flushable. While you CAN carefully sift the "solids" from the litter pan and flush them, flushing any kitty litter, regardless of the advertising, is just asking for trouble.

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