rocking toilets


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rocking toilets

Hi all, I've been doing some reading but I'm still a bit lost. Our toilet rocks side to side. I tried to tighten the bolts that stick out from the sides and it worked, only though that the toilet wasn't straight, so I unloosen it again. Then I straightend up the toilet and when I went to tightened up the bolts, the one on the right hand side was very loose, I can lift it up and can't find a place to put it back in. When I try to tighten it up I just keep tightening and tightening it but get nowever since the whole bolt is loose.
Do we have to remove the whole toilet and replace parts? The bolts are also very messy and sticky.
Any advice will be very appreciated. Thanx in advance.
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Mona -

You might be able to fix this without taking the toilet up, but you'll need to do some research first.

Most toilets are held down by "Tee" head bolts that attach to the flange by sliding the "Tee" heads into slots in the flange. I'm betting that your's has come out of the slot.

Go to a hardware store and have them show you a toilet flange, hold down bolts, and wax rings - and how they go together. Once you see how they fit together, you MAY be able to get the hold down bolt back in the slot and fix your toilet.

If that doesn't work, you'll have to take the toilet up and put things back where they belong. That "sticky" stuff is the wax ring used to make a seal between the toilet and the flange. You'll need a new one if you take the toilet up.

When you have the hold down bolts installed correctly, you'll need to address the rocking issue. Toilets must be absolutely flat on the floor or they rock. Trying to fix the rocking by tightening the bolts can only do so much - if you overtighten the nuts, you can break the toilet bowl. This is NOT a good thing! Plastic shims are often used to level toilets so they can be tightened without rocking.

Good Luck
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thank you. i started playing with the bolt and somehow got it locked somewhere, tightened it and it worked! maybe not for long, but now i now better.
thanx alot, i really appreciate your help Dave.
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