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Angry Slow Flush - Pulled Toilet 2 times already

Ok, you'd think 3 times is a charm, but I'm not so confident.

The toilet flushes really slow - the bowl fills up almost completely (overflows sometimes) before it actually flushes, but when it does flush, it moves really fast, meaning that it doesn't seem like there's a clog. It seems like there's a clog during the initial flush, but when the water actually starts to drain, it drains like it should (as far as speed is concerned). This has happened twice before, and I've pulled the toilet each time, ensured there wasn't a clog in the toilet nor the pipe, replaced the tiolet (and wax ring) and it works FINE, and I didn't do anything!!

Argghhh! I'm so frustrated w/ this thing. I can't understand why it's doing this. My workaround was to reduce the amount of water in the tank, which has reduced the bowl water level allowing it to fillup alot more.

Any ideas?

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Take a 5 gallon bucket of water, flush it down the toilet manually.

Do this numerous times. If the toilet takes a 5 gallon shot of water down the toilet, this rules out there is a drain clog in the line.

If, when you perform that task, and air tries to bubble back while pouring the water, then you have a clog in the line.

Dump the water rapidly, as would be a flush.

Post back with your findings.
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Will do tonight. Thanks.
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Hello; jf99

Slow toilet flushing usually caused by restricted flush holes on the underside of the rim of the bowl. Read link info below.

In some cases, hard water deposits can restrict and or clog up the water flush holes around the underside of the rim around the bowl. Therefore, the water flows out without sufficient force to fully complete a total flush.

Muratic or Phosphoric Acid can be poured down the over flow tube inside the tank. Allowing this de-liming chemical to remain in the rim of the bowl for several hours or overnight, will loosen the hard water and lime deposits.

Upon the next flushing, the deposits will flush out with the water and normal flushing will resume. Heavy deposits may require two or three repeated treatments.

Visit the local hardware store and inquire about the product.

Toilet Flushing Info Post:

And there you have it...."My Entire Two Cents Worth"....

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Tested Suggestions - both negative

I went home at lunch today to check if these two suggestions would fix the problem.

I tried twice to pour a 5 gallon bucket down the toilet and everything worked fine. I couldn't pour fast enough to fill the bowl and didn't get any air bubbles suggesting a clog.

Next, I checked the flush holes and all were 100% clear - I didn't see a bit of buildup in the holes or in the overflow tube (Colorado has some good water . Just for pete's sake I poured water down the overflow tube to try and back it up, but that also ran just fine.

Other ideas?

I recently put a new flush handle on - could this be causing the toilet "stopper" to be opening too wide/not closing in time/etc. I've played with it

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Hi: J

In my opinion, looking into the flush hole or any others means to check if they are not clogged or restricted may not be the best method. Learn that myself the hardway.

After pouring in the Phosphoric Acid and allowing it to set for several hours, flushing and repeating the process once more, allow second application to remain in overnight, it worked.

Now am a firm believer, the stuff works and visual inspection not the best method. The clogs where not in the holes but within the flow chanels.

May also be the roof top vent pipe. May be obstructed somehow. Check if possible. If access to roof is obtainable, insert garden hose and turn on water. Flushing out the vent pipe may help or resolve the problem.

"My Two Cents"
Good Luck.

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