toilet moans/grunts when flushed - don't laugh

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Unhappy toilet moans/grunts when flushed - don't laugh

that's what it sounds like. It just started about a week ago when we noticed it. A few days before that I had removed a large clog from the vanity sink situated adjacent to that commode. BTW, there is another bathroom just behind this one and they all connect to the same soil stack.

Anyway, that clog took me about a 1/2 hour to plunge. I had already cleaned the p-trap, reattached and plunged hard. I also use baking soda and boiling vinegar to help dislodge and clean scum in pipes. I could hear the walls/pipes rattling while I plunged. I got a lot of black gunk up into the basin, a large chuck of hairlike debris (which immediately eluded me and got sucked back down the drain). Eventually it all came up, cleared and got sucked back down the drain. Everything works fine now.

Soooo...did I cause some irrepairable damage? Could this be related? Am I over-anal-yzing the problem (couldn't resist that pun)?

In addition, my toilets rock. I'm thinking it might be time to replace that wax ring thing. I've seen them do this on home shows, but not sure if I have the skills to accomplish. I've also seen that there is a metal plate that can sometimes crack and need to be replaced (might be the cause of the rocking).

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Sounds like you have two toilet problems...valve noise and rocking.
Noise: You need to replace the toilet tank water valve with a Fluidmaster 400A float-cup type valve (about $7 bucks). Easy. Just follow the directions that come with it.
Rocking: You need to pull, level and re-set the toilet using a new wax ring. The rocking could be from a deteriorated flange (toilet bolts to it), a corroded toilet bolt, or unlevel floor.
You can do both jobs after you pull the toilet to see what the rocking problem is from. or replace the valve before you move the toilet.
Get a Fluidmaster 400A valve, a new wax ring, and a new set of toilet bolts. Depending on why it's rocking, you also may need beveled plastic shims for leveling it and possibly a flange repair piece.
1. Turn off the water to the toilet.
2. Flush it and soak up the left over tank water with a sponge into a nearby drain.
3. Disconnect the water supply line from the tank. It screws onto the base of water valve, which you're going to replace anyway.
4. Replace the water valve.
5. Remove the nuts and washers from the two toilet bolts at the base of the toilet, and roll it over gently onto a pile of old towels or carpet scrap (porcelain breaks easily).
6. Scrape and clean off the old wax ring.
7. Inspect the flange and the flooring for damage. If it is OK, stick the wax ring on the flange or on the horn under the toilet and the new bolts into the flange slots. You can position the new bolts by using old wax or old nuts from the old bolts to hold them upright in place to go through the holes in the toilet base.
8. Sit the toilet straight down on the wax ring and bolts. Sit or stand on the bowl rim to wiggle the toilet down level to the floor. (Use a level across the bowl. If the floor is unlevel, level the toilet with beveled plastic shims made for the purpose.If you have any problems, just come back on this same thread and ask. We'll be glad to help you.
Good Luck!

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