Low Flush Toilet Water Level

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How do I increase water level in bowl?

The toilets in the house we recently moved into (6 year old home) have very low water levels in the toilet bowl. After flushing, the bowl refills to a level that is a couple of inches below what we are used to from previous homes. I tried adjusting the float arm but can't because the level in the tank is already close to the top of the overfill tube. I don't have any leaks so perhaps we have some sort of "low-flow" toilet that is supposed to save water? Anyway, can anyone tell me how can I modify the toilet to increase the water level in the bowl? Thanks!
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The average toilet bowl now is 1.6 gpf. (Gallons per flush.) If this amount is not sufficiently flushing you might be looking at drain buildup slowing things down or a drain line filled with roots. There are also jet assist toilets that propel a jet of water to the base of the bowel flushing better. But increasing the amount of water used I donít think will help muchÖ. Good Luck
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Hello: gscharlach

Chances are the toilet is a low flush variety. The inside of the tank on some models have a plastic circular inner ring which also holds water. In the center will be the flapper valve.

On this style, all of the flushing water comes from within the center and some from the tank. The water volume is thus controlled by that design.

If the water level inside the tank reaches near the top of the over flow and the center of the plastic container inside the tank empties upon a flush, it's working as it should.

Adjusting the water level provides no benefit if tanks fills and flushing takes place. May even have to flush twice for the same usage. Once for the waste and once for the paper.

The two flushes for the one time usage still saves water. Both flushes still use less water than the older version using 5 gallons per flush. Thus overal water saving.

As long as flushing is completed fully, toilet is working properly. Getting use to it will come with time.

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