1940's American Standard one piece toilet needs service


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1940's American Standard one piece toilet needs service

This is a one piece toilet with four mounting bolts to the floor. The fill valve has been changed to a generic fluid master but the extra fill hose just hangs loose & kind of sprays around. The stopper valve & seal are trashed from age & just starting to leak a little bit. Can I use generic Big Box stuff for this or should I head to a real plumbing supply for the parts? Is there anything that can be done to lower the GPF of this thing that actually works? I think it's 5GPF right now. Thanks.
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First, attach that little black tube that comes off the side of the Fluidmaster so that it is pointing down the over flow tube and stays there.

The flapper valve can be changed, but you need to look carefully at it. Is it the type that attaches at the base of the overflow tube and pivots on little ears, or is it the one that has a brass rod in the center of it and lifts straight up? Am. Std. use to use those kind. Make sure you get the right one.

Best way to lower the GPF is to change the toilet. What you have uses 5 GPF, and was designed to operate properly using that amount of water. It would probably work fine with just 4 gallons, but much less than that and it'll quit flushing properly.
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Lightbulb My Two Cents

Hello: Ted W

Years ago, actually not to far back, we use to put a one gallon container filled with water into the tank. Doing so raised the water level by one gallon.

Doing so did not severely effect the complete flushing process and did save one gallon per flush.

To insure getting all the correct parts, remove them. Take them to a locally privately owner plumbing retail store. The pros there should be able to id the parts, have the correct replacement parts they would use if called out on a service call.

Personally, when situations such as you have with the older style plumbing type fixtures, I avoid the "Big Box" stores.

Going to the pros, at a locally and privately owned stores, I have always gotten the advice, suggestions and recommendations of the pros.

The few cents difference in parts costs was worth every cent for the knowledge gained.... Personal opinion gained from personal experiences.

Regards & Good Luck
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Thanks for the advice folks. There is an AS supply house about ten minutes from me, so I'll pull it all apart EARLY & head (no pun intended) over there for the parts.
The water usage does bother me. I was hoping there was some sort of retrofit kit but I can understand why there wouldn't be. The problem is that all of the fixtures in the bath are original &, except for two small scrapes on the toilet, they are in very good shape and we really like the look. Perhaps I can find something modern that is very similar in appearance, but more environmentally friendly.

My other concern is whether the drain can handle it. From the little bit I've been able to learn about plumbing there doesn't seem to be any way this system has enough venting. One two inch pipe for the bathroom, nothing that I can see for the kitchen & nothing for the basement bath. The toilet in the basement has a vent pipe right next to the toilet with some sort of check valve on the top.

Over all this house has been maintained perfectly but it is 100 years old it's going to take some work to bring it up to modern standards. Funny thing is that the one thing that is fairly modern is the newer aluminum siding and that's the one thing I'd love to get rid of. Supposedly there was freshly painted redwood siding underneath the aluminum.

Thanks again.

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