'60's American Standard Flush System


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'60's American Standard Flush System

I have 2 toilets in my house, both American Standard, both 868 4043 stamped on inside of lid.
The flush system inside the tank is the old style (around 1962) that I can describe as a brass piston, similar to the newer Mansfield Type flush system were as the flush occurs when the handle pushes up on the piston and water is flushed into the bowl at the bottom. The flap seal at the bottom is worn and needs replacing and these parts are no longer available from American Standard.

Can I completely remove this old flush system and replace it with a more modern type? Will I have to remove the tank from the bowl to do this ? Fluidmaster has a "Complete Repair Kit" that supposedly completely replaces older style flush systems. It requires removing the tank, and for me that is a little scary.

Any Advise other then calling a plumber ?

Larry Hawk
Allentown Pa.
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You will need to pull the tank off the bowl, to replace the old flush valve, nothing too scary, just DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the bolts that hold the tank to the bowl when to reinstall it.
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Exclamation AS Flapper Valve Seat

I too have a 60s AS one-piece toilet that has the tilting-cup flapper valve assembly...and it does not completely seal. I have replaced the rubber flapper yet i still leaks...needs a refill aboutevery 45 minutes. I have removed the brass valve seat and found that its edges are pitted [years of corrosion?] and judge that is the leak source. Replacement flapper valve assemblies I have seen are not of the same design. The seat of my valve is held in place by 3 screwed-in-place clamps, making removal and installation pretty easy. Replacements appear to me made for 2-part tanks and do not look like they can be installed in my toilet.

Is there a source for a replacement brass valve seat? If not, is there replacement valve assembly that can be purchased and installed. And finally, if neither of the 2 foregoing, is there some corrective action I may take to improve/fix my presently leaking seat?

Thank you for any help...

You may email me direct at:
[email protected]

Please keep all help content within this forum.

Thanks Ron

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You might give Am/Std a toll free call, get number in this post.

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I think you have the American Standard Lexington 2006/2007/ type toilet. Click on the link below for a parts breakdown for the toilets above.


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If your toilet is a one-piece unit, then "universal repair parts" are NOT going to fit. You will need to go to a good plumbing supply house or one of the internet sources.
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Super easy repair! Don't you dare call a plumber!

My house was built in 1962, and has the same toilets. I fixed them both this summer with parts from Home Depot.

Turn off the water.

Drain and remove the tank from the bowl and remove the original flush valve from the tank. You'll need a large pair of channel locks to remove the brass nut on the underside of the tank. The original flush valve nut & pipe will be brass, so they'll come off with little/no resistance.

Remove and throw away the original fill valve (will probably have the large float on the end of a threaded rod).

Buy the Fluidmaster replacement flush valve, fill valve and universal flush handle w/chain. They won't look even close to identical to the orignals, but don't let that bother you. Just make sure the gasket between the tank and bowl are very similar.

The flush valve kit I bought came with the new gasket for the tank to bowl and brass bolts/nuts/washers.

You'll need a new handle because your original handle has a long arm which lifts the piston/flush valve. Your new Fluidmaster flush valve needs a chain to lift a flapper valve.

This entire repair will cost less than $20.


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