Old Moen shower valve - need help!

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Old Moen shower valve - need help!

I have a Moen shower valve that will not shut off. It was probably installed in the mid 1960s. I tried fixing it myself without success. Here are links to four photos I took of it since there is no model number anywhere.


Any advice I receive will be greatly appreciated!


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Moen shower valve

Sorry but I accidentally gave the wrong link for the fourth photo of the Moen shower valve. It should have been:

http://members.cox.net/~yo-ro/images/moen3a.jpg (not 3b).
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Good pictures sir! I wish everyone did that.

Shut the water off at the main, not unless those are visible stops that protrude the wall below, then shut those off.

Then, pull that chrome piece off the valve. There will be a C clip that will fit in a slot that holds the cartridge in. Pull this clip out.

I can actually see the clip in your pictures.

Here is where it might get difficult. If you don't have a cartridge puller (most don't) then take a pliers or screw the handle back to the stem. Use this to pull the cartridge.

Some of these are a bear, and are extremely difficult to remove. The cartridge puller is your best bet.

Your cartridge I believe is a 1225, or 1220, one of those two I believe. Not one of my favorite brands. If you call Moen, www.moen.com, they will replace the parts free of charge. You have to call them.


Pull #8, then #4, then #7 and that will be the mode to remove your cartridge.
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Moen shower valve

Thanks so much for your reply! I will do as you suggest. But first I will try to find a cartridge puller. I wonder if my local plumbling supply will have one? I live in Los Angeles.

Thanks again!

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How did it go, Robert?

I'm facing a similar situation, and stumbled across this site when I Googled "Moen" + "shower fixtures". Just finished registering here and posting my questions.

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