Need help w/ new tub installation.


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Need help w/ new tub installation.

I am currently replacing my 30yr old blue steel tub with a new WHITE acrylic unit. I have stumbled across some issues that I need some help with.

1. The new tub is not square. The alcove side measures 60", but the skirt side measures 59 5/8". Is this going to be a problem. I know that my 1/2" backerboard and tile will help "hide" this discrepency. I'm just worried about the tub moving or shifting, which brings us to question #2

2. The instructions on this board mention setting the tub in mortor. My tub sits on hollow, fiberglass feet. I can't see where spreading mortor under the entire tub will have much effect. Maybe some construction adhesive on the feet? Should I still set the tub in mortor.

3. I have installed steel tubs in rentals in the past. With those tubs I drilled the tile flange and attached the tub to the studs w/ nails or screws. I have installed 1x2 ledger boards to support the tile flange on this acrylic tub. Should I drill and fasten the tile flange as well?

4. Finally, the skirt seems a little "high" in the middle, causing the tub to rock. Can I file or cut (with a utility knife) the high spot down, so I won't have to shim so much?

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Yes to all the questions, fir the walls to make the difference on the short side of tub.

Build the mortar up under the tub, it is recommended because those feet do not support enough weight for the user of the tub inside.

You can shave the skirt, just be careful, use a router bit or sanding belt.

Yes. Drill the flange and use drywall screws.

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