toilet keeps clogging

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Question toilet keeps clogging

It seems like everytime we use the toilet for a bowel movement it becomes clogged. We plunge and find it doesn't want to unclog. We had roto rooter come out and they unclogged it for a fee. Then the next bowel movement clogged it again. What can we buy that will disolve bowel movement. It is too expensive to call a plumber or roto rooter every 2 or 3 days. The toilet is only a year old. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Toilets have built-in traps and almost anything can get hung up in them (too much paper, plastic toys, toothbrushes, etc.). You porbably have an obstruction in the trap.
Get a crank-handle toilet auger and auger out the trap through the bowl. If that doesn't improve the situation, you may have to pull the toilet and auger it from underneath.
Also, take the top off of the tank, fand lush the toilet to see if the flapper is operating properly (stays open long enough to give a full flush). You also should check to see if minerals have built up in the holes under the bowl rim. If it has, ream out the holes with a piece of stiff wire.
Good Luck!
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Hello: para

I agree with Mike on the possibility the rim holes under the bowl may be plugged or restricted. Cleaning them out may solve the problem. Instructions on how to do this below.

Hard water deposits can restrict and or clog up the water flush holes around the underside of the rim around the bowl. Therefore, the water tanks water does not flow out with sufficient volume and force to fully complete a total flush.

Muratic or Phosphoric Acid can be poured down the over flow tube inside the tank. Allowing this de-liming chemical to remain in the rim of the bowl for several hours or overnight, will loosen the hard water and lime deposits.

Upon the next flushing, the deposits will flush out with the water and normal flushing will resume. Heavy deposits may require two or three repeated treatments.

May also need to use a wire end of a coat hanger to gently move around up in those flush holes to further remove loosened depsoits, etc. Not exactly a pleasant task but may help. Once that is completed, flush again to remove lossened deposits, etc.

Visit any local hardware store and inquire about the products. Use as instructed and wear safety glasses and hand protect. Both products can cause skin burning and eye damage.

Kindly use the reply button to add additional information or questions. Using this method moves the topic back up to the top of the list of questions automatically.

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