Proper sink size for a diagonal sink base

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Proper sink size for a diagonal sink base

I'm installing new cabinets in my kitchen and, unfortunately, the shape and size of my kitchen necessitates placing the sink in a corner. I'm using Mill's Pride cabinets, and their diagonal sink base is 36 inches long on the two sides adjacent to the wall, 24 inches where it meets the side cabinets, and a 16 1/2 inch front side (facing toward the center of the kitchen). Obviously, my sink choices are going to be a bit limited.

A 25 inch sink will probably fit without much of a problem, but I'd like to install something larger - 31 inch, if possible. My thought was to create a "buffer zone" between the sink base and adjacent cabinets, with 3 inches of empty space on either side. This might allow me to put in a bigger sink without having to worry about cutting into adjacent cabinets.

Any thoughts or advice?

Edit: I forgot! I contacted Mill's Pride about sink recommendations, and their answer was:

"The sinks most commonly recommended for the DS36 are:

27" Circular
31" Diamond, Double Bowtie, Butterfly

Have a great day"

I have no idea what a Diamond, Double Bowtie, or Butterfly sink is, and a circular sink just doesn't seem right for a kitchen.
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That decision should be best left to whoever has to cut the hole for the sink into the countertop.

Along with making sure that the sink doesn't mess with the integrity of the other cabinets.

I would suggest viewing numerous sinks at your local plumbing supply house to better understand what appeals to the best choice.

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