"Korky" toilet flapper??


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Question "Korky" toilet flapper??

I own a two family home in Mass.We live on the first floor,and rent out the 2nd floor.Recently I've been hearing the toilet fill valve turning on breifly at night,or when no one is home up there?I went up to have a look.It has the Fluidmaster 400A fill valve,but I noticed the "Korky" flapper was old and looks
like its time to replace it.
Tonight I picked up a "Original Korky" brand flapper.The white plastic flush valve it sits on,has no ears.The old unit was pushed down over where the ears would be?It seemed to work....
However when I put the new flapper in place,it wouldn't seal right.I tried re-seating it and moving it several times,but it still leaked?Plus it fell way to fast for a good flush?I put the old unit back on for now............
Whats wrong?Is the "Korky flapper" no good?Are there better brands?
Why do you think it won't seal correctly?I think it a std toilet.I got it at grossmans 20yrs ago.Thanks
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You may need to replace the entire flush valve to fix this, they make a type of flapper that will stick down on an existing flushvalve this one will work, but you will need to dry the tank out on the existing flush valve seat to make it work correctly, these ones I don't care for, me myself would just install a new flush valve.
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I would like to know how to replace a flush valve in a Gerber toilet tank??.

Any and all information will be appreciated.


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Tank the tank off, flush valve on bottom of tank is the large nut thats hold it to the tank, remove it, install the new flush valve, reinstall the tank with a new tank to bowl kit.

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