Double Sink Drainage Problem; Venting?

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Double Sink Drainage Problem; Venting?

I have a typical double sink; one side with a disposal. I've been having a problem with the non-disposal side drain filling up with water; when runnung water on the disposal side drain. The disposal is not plugged; either is the trap or the line; which I've snaked out. Here's the strange thing; while have the water running; and if I unscrew the pipe last fitting on the discharge pipe going into the wall; when air is injected into the system the water drains quite repidly; like it is supposed to. I'm thinking it is a clogged sewer vent on the roof? any suggestions or recomendations? Also; this sink is located on a standalone counter; so I'm sure the air vent , sewer, etc. is under the slab; not sure how to determine which air vent on the roof is tied to it. Any suggestions.

Thanks; AP
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Unless you have a huge house with numerous bathrooms, there are probably only one or two vent pipes on your roof. Inspection with a flashlight may be the key and if you see a plug (birdsnest etc) clear all you can by hand and then flush with a garden hose.(you can flush even if you don't see anything,won't hurt.) The said it was on a standalone counter. Do you mean island? If so, there should be a vent up under the sink.Just a pipe sticking up as high as possible with an autovent on the top.It's like a check valve, as it lets air in but no sewer gases out.Check these things out and post back.
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