Shower leak into garage

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Exclamation Shower leak into garage

We just bought a home built in 1979. Since we have moved in we have had to fix all three faucet leaks. We have done this successfully. However, now we have to fix a leak this is happening fromt the shower or tub area into the adjoining wall of the garage. It is all wet on the floor of the garage and there are marks where the shower head might be on the opposite wall. Is there any way to fix this without a plumber. I believe this issue will be in the other bathroom as well as I don't think the people who lived here used the shower, believe it or not. Thanks for any and all help.
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I am not sure I am understanding situation.
Confused about the marks on the wall where you think the shower head is. Are they water marks?
Also confused about why you would think there is more than 1 bathroom involved.
Are the bathrooms back to back(one on one side of the wall and the other on the other side?
stacked(one above the other)?
Not being able to see the situation makes it hard to diagnose the problem and offer a solution.

There are several things that can cause water to appear where it doesnt belong.
With a little more information I can give you a better idea of where to start without wasting your time and effort.
Please post back on this same thread by hitting reply.
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Red face Leak into garage

I too have a home from the early 70's and shortly after moving in we got a leak that went into the garage. Our bathroom has just the shower so not sure if this will help. If you have just the shower or maybe you have a shower and tub seperate in that bathroom it is probably a shower pan leak, you can fix it yourself but it is very time consuming and on a scale of 1-10 on difficulty for a novice I put it at a 10. We bought a Home Dept how to book to help us and did it ourself and it took us about a month as with tearing up the shower floor and not being able to match up tiles as the water damage also weakened the wall in the bathroom so we had to replace that too. We contacted our ins. company and it was a covered expense, they tried to not give us that much and say it isn't there fault on the tiles not matching but if you read you policy carefully you may find that they must allow it to be put back as it was and if it can't then the whole thing has to be done. They had to cut us and additional ck and by doing that we ended up remodeling the entire thing. Just a thought I hope this isn't the case as it is hard work and costly if you have it done by contractor or plumber. Good luck and take care
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Smile My Two Cents

Hello: aaron2kristie

Likely or possibly the leak only happens when the shower is used. May be one reason prior owner didn't use shower. The leak can be at the elbow joint on the pipe which carries water up from the faucet valve to the shower head.

That area where the elbow is, is not exposed. It is behind the wall. Thus the leak only happens when shower is used. If that is correct, than water leak is at that location. Happened to a neighbors house. Plumber had to break a hole in opposite (back side) of wall to fix it.

If the piping is copper, the elbow will be soldered together. One end to the vertical riser pipe from the water faucet valve and the other end to the angled pipe to which the shower head is attached to. If you are not handy sweating copper pipe, may be wise to contact a plumber.

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Plumber getting parts

As the last person who posted guessed, a hole was cut in the garage drywall to expose the pipes. The parts were ordered yesturday by the plumber and he is to replace the parts which are a problem. I guessed the other shower isn't working because, believe it or not, upon moving in, EVERY faucet had a leak, and one shower had a leak (the other one we hadn't tried using and both showers were VERY Dirty). My husband fixed all faucets, handy guy that he is, and we decided not to mess with the showers. Thanks to all who responded.

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