Random Backups and Overflow

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Random Backups and Overflow

Recently Ive had a problem. With my tub and toilet.

Randomly the toilet will overflow, plunging usually results in water backing up into the tub. Plunging the tub results in air gurgiling up in the toilet.

Showering usually results in the toilet gurguling.

Ive been in the house about a year and from time to time have had to plunge the toilet with no problem. Or remove the tub stopper and pull hair off of the X shaped crossmember in the tubs drain.

And as stated above, these problems are random. Possibly happening only once or twice a week, as for the past few weeks.

Any ideas?

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Welcome to DIY site.

Sounds like restricted main drain line. It isn't totally plugged (yet) but restricts the flow enough to back up the toilet and when you plunge, it takes the path of least resistance and comes up tue tub drain. You can rent a drain auger and roto-root the drain line or hire it done. Before you do that though, try a product called Drain Care. Available at home centers and Walmart, it is an enzyme drain cleaner. It clings to clogs and eats them. You put it in at night and let it work overnight. Follow the label directions. Good luck and post back.
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Thanks for the advice majakdragon.

Went and got some Drain Care to test it out tonight.

It says to do the steps 3 days in a row, so Ill get back later after it has time to work.

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