NewToilet install, bolts slipping from flange

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NewToilet install, bolts slipping from flange

I am installing a New Toilet,the new flange is seated and screwed into the ceramic tile over concrete and well sealed to the abs drain ,my issue,
the bolts well 1 bolt continues to slip from the slot in the flange every time I
try and seat the bowl and tighten up the bolts I guess I probably did not orientate the flange well thus not leaving enough to verlap the screw head
thus popping through when I tighten it, 2 wax rings later and still I am trying.
the plastic washer that came with the toilet(all in one kit) doesnt seem to hold the bolt secure and as I can't really tell because of the wax it shifts and voila ruined wax ring and I am starting again. can I use a nut rather then the washer to hold the bolt in place ? will this cause a problem with the wax seal ? . the head of the bolt doe catch on the flange when I place it without the wax and bowl but it is just on the edge of the larger opening on the flange and as I said as I tighten it shifts . I'm looking for a trick or
advice before I use up several more wax rings in the effort.

thanks in advance
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Yes, you can use nuts on the two toilet bolts to hold them in the proper place (3 & 9 o'clock) on the flange. It won't affect the wax ring seal.
Good luck!
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The nut worked well on the the cold pipe is REAL loud

Thank you mike the bowl is now seated well.. I connected the toilet it
works as expected .. my Q. this is a new basement washroom so all the pipes,sink,toilet and tub are new..the sink and tub work well and no water hammer just the usual sound of the water when filling but the toilet, it seems that the pressure may be too great the sound from the pipes in the now finnished wall behind the toilet is very lound when the tank refills and stops when the tank is full. the sound is not that of water hammer rather, the sound of the water rushing through the pipe under pressure as it fills. the pipes were plumbed as follows

down the wall (h&C) from the ceiling above the sink to a shut off just above
the vanity. from the shut off they continue for a few inches then T down to the sink and across the wall towards the toilet and tub.
at just above the toilet the cold T"s down to floor level for the toilet and of course continues across the wall with the hot on to the tub.
I tried closing the ball bearing valve on the toilet a bit and the sound was not as severe but of course the tank won't fill as fast. I must admit, other then the noise I like the super fast refill on the tank I'm not opening up the now finnished wall but should I be concerned or just live with it. would closing the main cold shut off a bit correct things ?. . oh as well the pipes are standard 1/2 inch copper and the toilet is not the water concerving type..its new but the old standard variety and I am using braided flex from the valve behind the toilet to the tank sorry for being so long winded but I want to make sure you can visualize my problem.

you folks never stop amazing me you have always answered all my queries and usually within less then 24 hrs. fantastic resource this forum

Thank you thank you thank you !!
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Bolt problem

I also have a bolt problem in a powder room (that I never use). I am selling my house, and an inspector discovered that the toilet is loose/rocking. I tightened the nut on one side, but the bolt is loose on the other side. I removed the nut and can completely move the bolt around (up, down, side to side). Is there any way to secure the bolt without completely removing the toilet? My guess is that there is no way, since I wasted an hour fooling with it last night! Thanks...
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Are you sure there is not a water control on the fill tube that you could turn down a bit?

Only way to fix this is to remove the toilet. If the toilet still rocks after reinstalling the bolt, use toilet shims. They are sold in stores for this specific purpose.
Good luck to both of you and Happy Thanksgiving.

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