Is this a good toilet recommendation

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Is this a good toilet recommendation

Hi All. I've just been informed by my management agent that the wrong toilet was installed in my apartment line,28 stories I might add, when that building was constructed 18 years ago. They say the roughin is designed for a 10 inch toilet instead of the currently installed 12 inch toilet. Because it's the wrong toilet it may leak and they recommend the toilet be replacing the toilet with a $600 Toto Carolina. I measure a 11 inch rough in and the toilet is jammed right up against the wall. The toilet specs show the distance from the center of the toilet horn to the back of the toilet is 11 inches. Anyone ever heard of this. Is this a good recommendation? Anyone have any experience with a toilet leaking through a concrete slab? The apartment above does not appear to be leaking. Based on the the threads here it seems the wax ring should have been checked first and maybe I could use an offset flange to bring it out from the wall. Any thoughts would be helpful. There hasn't been any problems with this toilet since it was installed.
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Yours is one of the strangest problems I have seen here. Only down side I see is the reason it took 18 years to figure it out. You can put Toto Carolina in the search bar and see what types they sell and some pricing. They aren't cheap. I found them from $460 to $700+. I am assuming that management is paying the whole tab. If your current toilet is a one piece I would agree that it COULD leak as it is pushing against the wall (not likely but possible). A 2 piece would "flex" at the connection of the tank and bowl and stand a greater chance of breaking at that connection. Water COULD leak through concrete as it is possible to get between the drainpipe and the concrete and run down. Are they giving you a choice or is this a forced issue? To me it sounds like a pretty good deal as long as they are covering all costs ,and giving you options for the installation date that don't inconvenience you. Also make sure the new toilet base will cover any marks left by the current one. Good luck and post back.
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Thanks Maja

Yes all it is an odd problem. The owners are picking up the bill for this. Maj it's a one piece toilet. But with any odd problem there is always a solution. And since I'm finding it educational and a challenge I want to find out what's going on. It's a math problem when you look at the specifications for the toilet. How do you fit something designed for a 12 inch rough in on a 10 inch rough in. The way it problem is being explained is as follow. The roughin measures 10 inches and the bolts for the toilet are set in the flange as far away from the wall as possible. In my case the bolts measure 11 inches. When the toilet was set over the bolts part of the toilet horn misses the flange and is basically sitting on the floor. If the flange is 4 inches wide then the forward end of the flange should be 12 inches away from the wall and the back end of the flange should be 8 inches. The specs for the toilet show the center of the toilet horn flange is 11 inches from the back of the tank and the width toilet horn to be 2 5/8 inches. Based on these measurements then the forward end of the toilet horn should be a 12 5/16 inches away from the wall with a 5/16th not over the flange. But the next step is to have a licensed plumber confirm all this for me..... I'll keep you posted. Thanks all.

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