Low Water Flow in Shower


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Unhappy Low Water Flow in Shower

I just moved into a new house and the pressure is 78 lbs/sq-in, which is good. But the shower flow is awful. My plumber indicated that it is due the new 2.5 gal/min cartridge law.

Is there a cartridge out there that I can get to increase the flow? I currently are using a single handle Moen with Cartridge #1222.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Take shower head off, look inside it, remove the flow restricter out of it.
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Latch, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
I would first try taking off the shower head and see what kind of flow you have without it. 2-1/2 gallons per minute is actually a lot of water. Consider the fact that it is 45 gallons for a 15 minute shower. It may be that the lines were not flushed before the showerhead was installed. God luck.
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Low Flow

I have removed the flow restrictors, but the plumber indicates it is the restriction going thru the cartridge. Are there cartridges that allow more water to flow? My current faucet is a Moen Monticello #2385 with a #1222 cartridge.
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The Moen website says:

"Is there an adjustment that I can make to my faucet to increase the flow of the water?

In 1992 the federal government passed the Energy Policy Act. This put strict regulations on the amount of water released from any faucet. All manufactures must adhere to these standards. Therefore, no adjustments can be made to increase water flow."

According to Moen, Cartridge #1222 is the correct cartridge.
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Unlike a car, where a shadetree mechanic may change to a "hotter" plug, there is no such interchangeablity in faucet parts. The cartridge that it was built for is the only part which will fit. Also, it is not the cartridge itself that is limiting the flow. That Monticello you have is also sold as a combo tub/shower. Identical parts to what you have; they just take out the plug in the bottom of the valve body and pipe to a spout. If the cartridge limited to 2.5GPM it would take all day to fill a tub. There probably IS a flow restrictor in the shower outlet of the valve body. This is to prevent leaking from the shower head while using the tub. It is not accessible without gaining access to the valve body inside the wall.
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