Shower handle VERY hard to turn.

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Smile Shower handle VERY hard to turn.

Symmons Temptrol Pressure-Balanced Anti-Scald handle very hard to turn.

After just buying a townhouse/condo and beginning to fix it up, we unfortunately discovered that when the upstairs shower is on, it rains in the living room all over the wood floor. We ripped out sopping drywall and located the problem.

The problem turned out to be the diverter portion of the Symmons Temptrol valve in the shower handle. It was leaking back behind the wall. Upon perusal of this website and querying several people, we decided to try the Symmons Temptrol repair kit. This involved taking the valve apart from the front, cleaning it out, and putting new portions in. After an initial nightmare of not being able to get the handle off (we're talking SERIOUS sediment build up here), a young man at Home Depot finally solved our problem: he told us that we could just break the handle off because it is designed with a shear point on the main valve stem just in case you can't get the handle off. So we broke it off and went to work.

After replacing both the diverter and the spindle, we put it back together and it didn't leak (well, actually it leaked out the anti-scald adjustment screw, but that's just because I messed with it not knowing that I shouldn't and didn't tighten it properly before testing the valve. After I screwed it in, this second leak went away).

Detailed Problem:
The problem is the handle is now very difficult to turn. I'm afraid I've either put the spindle in too far or tightened something down too much. Can someone help me please?

There is one more potential culprit: some of the grease on the spindle came off on some fingers as we were putting it in, but it wasn't much.

I can force it to turn, but I am concerned because it is so hard.
What should I do? What shall I loosen/grease?

Thanks a bunch to all. This website has been VERY helpful and informational.

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Take it apart and put it back together, I do not know much about that valve, watch how it comes apart I'm sure there is something too tight.
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Hi, On the front of the valve there is a little screw to set that prevents one from turning on to much hot water. You may have it too tight. The packing may be too tight. I don't care for Symons valve lots of grief. If the opportunity presented itself I would change it out.
Good Luck Woodbutcher
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You have got to be an Engineer!

Come on:



Detailed Problem

OK, you get an A for formatting your report, and I think you broke it down pretty good.

I am not familiar with the Symmons Valve Assembly, but based on your description, I would agree with Woodbutcher, and think you have the packing gland nut too tight.

And I R an engineer

BTW, Welcome to the DIY Forums. There is some pretty good help available here.

Good luck,
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Thank you much

Okay: I'll give it a try tonight and see what happens.

Thanks a bunch for your help.

And arkayassoc, good call on engineer. I didn't realize it was that transparent, but now I understand more what my college roomates were talking about. ;-)

--K/\/\ort D

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