hard plastic ball stuck in drain HELP!!!!!

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Unhappy hard plastic ball stuck in drain HELP!!!!!

One of my kids dropped a what must be a 2" inch hard plastic ball down the 2.5" drain. Now it is stuck down inside and is causing the shower drain to back up and drain slowly. We Had a plumber come by to look at it and he ended up breaking his "Snake" and says the only way to get it out is to Tear out the shower and jack hammer the concret and replace the pipe. I am just renting the house and the Property managment company will make me pay for it. I need some ideas I have tried a water auger and a shop vac to no avail.

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how far down is it???

Is it past the trap???? Can you see it at all with a flashlight???
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If it is a hollow , thin, plastic ball you may be able to pour boiling water down the drain and wait a few minutes for it to "soften" the plastic and then use your water auger or a snake. No guarantees here but it's worth a try. Good luck.
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Might have to call Roto-tooter or similar if dragon's idea doesn't work. I would assume their equipment might get through it. Post back how you finally solve it.
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Or pull the toilet, take it outside, turn it upside down and fish it out of the trap way.
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Question Need to know:

I am with Mexican163...Need to know if you can see it or if it is past the trap?
Is it a solid plastic ball or hallow?

The idea is to get the ball to come back to you and not send it further into the lines, unless you are postitively sure it will go all the way to the main line or septic tank. If it doesn't you will have more problems later than just a slow draining shower.

Was the ball dropped down the shower drain? If so, what happened to the screen that in normally on the top of the drain? If that was never installed, than it may partially be the fault of the Property manager, which may be a way of getting them to "help" pay for the cost, if it comes down to that.

Alot of ideas will come from knowing how far down the line the ball is. The shop vac is the best, but maybe you need to get a bigger one...Got some ideas, but need to have the above answers to decide which way to go...

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