Do I really need a new toilet?


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Do I really need a new toilet?

We have 3 1.6 toilets. One of them has been slowing up over time. The bowl fills with water, then the water goes down and it weakly flushes. The plumber came today and said that the line was clear (he used an auger) and said that the Sterling brand was cheap and that the insides clog up over time and cause poor flushing. Our other two toilets are the same, get much more use, and work fine. He says the only solution is a new toilet. The toilets are 9 years old. I asked him about the air vent but he said that was unlikely.

Is his recommendation accurate? I never heard of such a thing. Is there anything else we should try?

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Could very well be a good guess.

I would use Muriatic Acid down the overflow of the flush valve to clear the bowl rim jets from calcium buildup or Tri-Sodium Phosphate to use as an alternative.

Muriatic Acid is a dangerous product and can cause breathing problems during use.
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Hi, Dunbars right, however he forgot to tell you to let the acid set for about 30 minutes in the toilet. Time for it to work.
Good Luck Woodbutcher
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Well thanks Dunbars! You just saved me $500.

I didn't even know that there were air holes under the rim. When I put my fingers in the holes I felt something sliding around. After a little poking with a coat hanger I found what it was...pieces from one of those bleach tablets that I had put in the tank some time ago. I guess part of it broke free and got stuck in the air holes. Once I pulled them out, the toilet flushed like new!

So...I phoned the plumber who was awaiting my Ok for the new toilet install and told him I wouldn't need one after all. After I explained what I did he said that he was so used to the Sterling toilets going bad, he never considered checking it further. He also didn't consider returning the $65 for the house call either. So I let it go, but I'll never use him again.

Thanks again for the advice! And I won't use those bleach tablets anymore.

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