Reinforce Bathroom Floor Joists?

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Reinforce Bathroom Floor Joists?

I want to replace our current upstairs bathtub (a 5'X32" cast-iron) with a new whirlpool tub (6'X36" acrylic) web link . The current tub is a 3-wall enclosure, but fortunately there is about 1 foot of unused space in the corner that I can knock out to give me enough room for the 6-foot tub.

I'm wondering if I'll need to reinforce the floor joists. I don't think the new tub+water will be that much heavier, because the cast-iron tub isn't light. But, while doing some plumbing replacements in the bathroom floor I noticed that there are holes running through the floor joists for the sink waste pipes, plus another 2 notches on the bottom of the floor joist where the supply pipes to the sink are run. I'm wondering if I should try to reinforce this before putting in the new tub.

Also, I want to use the new tub as a shower also... any ideas on how I can mount the fill spout so that it doesn't hit one of us in the head when we're laying in the tub?



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Based on the unit you mentioned, the fill spout is suppose to be mounted on tub lip dead center on the exterior edge. Since this is being placed with 3 walls, you will not have any other option unless you are intending on building a raised platform with an edge for tile. I do not hear you saying this. So placement of the spout for what you propose is not going to be easy. You don't have any room to locate this in another location unless the spout can be mounted at an angle in the corners of the tub. With no tile lip surrounding this tub, you can only use a shower curtain . These are not meant to be used for duel purpose as a tub/shower.

I would suggest trying to sister additional 2x stock to what you have now. There is added weight to this unit but as long as you see deficiences in the existing joists, good as time as any to stiffen them up.

I will move this thread to Plumbing for their assistance.
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There are both 6' tubs and integral drain assemblies available from Neptune Tubs. The intagral drain assembly uses a special overflow to both fill the tub and provide overflow protection. I have used this assembly for 6" tubs so that two people may enjoy the tub without one of them getting poked in the back. It is also great for applications where someone is handicapped and requires assistance in and out of the tub. Note that when you change from a 5' tub to a 6' tub the tub will probably be wider and so both the x and y locations of the drain will change. You should not have to reinforce the floor unless the drain location of the new tub requires cutting into an existing joist. Rogerb

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