low water level in toilet after flush

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low water level in toilet after flush

the water in my toilet is very low, why is that and how can i get it to fill to the normal level
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The water level in the bowl is controlled by the trap in the toilet. When enough water is at the proper level to seal the trap (to keep out sewer gases) the rest of the water goes down the drain.
Try SLOWLY pouring a bucket of water into the bowl and mark the level (pencil mark will do) and wait an hour. See if the water slowly goes down. You could have a leak in the trap portion of the toilet bowl that runs down the drain and doesn't appear as a leak.
Another problem could be a clogged vent. Do you have another toilet above or below the problem toilet? If so, have someone flush the other toilet and watch the problem toilet and see if the water in the bowl moves. If it does, you have a vent problem and will have to clear it out.
Good luck and reply back with any other questions you may have.
One last thing. Check that the flapper inside the tank is staying open long enough to allow all the water to flow to the bowl. You can also adjust the level in the tank. There should be a mark for the correct water level.

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