ShowerHead Problems

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ShowerHead Problems

Hi, I have a huge problem....My wife and I remodeled most of the bathroom for now except for a few minor things but my main problem that I have run into recently is that I wanted to replace the old showerhead and detach it from the shower arm ( the part of the shower that extends out of the wall/tiling where you would then screw in and attach the showerhead ), this is necessary because while showering it squirts water all over the place and would mess up our paintjob and get onto the new floor I just installed. But I can't remove it due to the fact that when I atempted to do so I couldn't because it is stuck to the shower armature. I tried to remove it with my hands but to no availability. I then tried to use vicewrenchs/grips, I think that is what they are called ( the silverkind that look like springloaded wrenches with a bolt in the bottom of it to loosen it or make it tighter or you can release it's grip with the release tab on it...I hope this is a decent explaination of the tool but i'm not sure ) well anyways, I used two of those and it still didn't work. I didn't want it to break so I stopped because I can't afford to replace it or any of the plumbing at the moment due to other expenses that have a higher priority. Is there anyone out there who knows how I can remove it? I looked all over the internet quite a few times but couldn't find anything relating to this topic. Can someone help me please? I looked at it closer and it looks like its slightly rusted with a bit of dirt in the screwing grooves where you'd proceed to screw it on, but it also looks as if some jammed and then screwed it onto the showerhead connection arm without caring. When I used the vicewrenches/grips alls they did was start to turn the whole shower arm. Any Ideas Anyone? Please Help! If you have an Answer please Thanks

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You need 2 wrenches. One on the shower arm and one on the shower head. This is where small pipe wrenches or channel lock pliers come in handy.
Place the first tool on the shower arm so you are twisting on it in a clockwise direction. Use the second tool on the shower hean and pull it towards you in a counterclockwise direction.
In theory, the shower arm does not move as you are place enough pressure on it to hold it in place while unscrewing the shower head. If the shower arm still turns, use a bigger tool on it than the shower head. This allows more torque on the shower arm.
Do not apply pressure that puts weight on the shower arm so it snaps off inside the wall, this would be bad. You just want to apply enough pressure to overcome the force needed to unscrew the shower head.

Good luck and more questions, ask away and someone will answer you.

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