Swanstone shower pan install

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Swanstone shower pan install

Hi. I have been enjoying reading many different postings. Now I have one of my own. I am redoing my bathroom. I have removed old one-piece fiberglass surround down to studs. I have a swanstone shower floor. The instructions do not indicate how to fasten it into place. Also, Swan does not mention moisture barrier below pan, but on walls they do. It is practically the exact size as the opening...give or take 1/8". My plan after that is to spread vaporbarrier felt and then place 1/2" wonderboard above that and then 12" sq 1/4" marble tile. My biggest Q's:
1) Do I need to fasten Swanstone shower floor to underlayment or wall? & if yes, how?
2) Does it go:Moisture barrier against studs inside lip of shower floor then wonderboard ? Or?
3) I know there's something else I was stuck on, now what was it???Oh, yeah, is it too late to hire someone!?!?
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Found some answers

I went to the swanstone site and found installation instructions. It says to place the shower floor on a bed of mortar. So, there ya go! Now I'm set.
I'm sure it doesn't mean thinset. I wonder because that's all I have. ANOTHER trip to the local hardware store. At least I've knocked down another obstacle. The next one, you may ask???
Put the moisture barrier, 15lb building paper from HD, on the studs(stapled) and wrapped over the top layer of the shower floor flange. Secured with roofing cement. Question is because I've heard you take it all the way to the floor. I don't think that's right so I'm going to wrap the flange lip thingy

Then it's on to the wonderboard. Wonderboard goes up on the studs, screwed (a lot). AND, inside the shower floor flange. That's a bummer because I was planning on it going on the studs. I hadn't planned on it going into the shower pan. Now I lose 1/8" on both sides
So, now I have to replan where my seams will be, especially for my niche...

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