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Wink just need advice

i have a american standard toilet high rise space saver.it has a habit of running water between flushes and it does not flush well without holding the lever down for 3or 3 seconds before releasing it.it also doesnt take much paper at all to make it have a problem flushing. i talked to american standard about this water problem and they said i must have a leak. so they wanted me to put some food coloring in the tank and turn the water off over night.i lost all the water in the tank and saw absolutely no bubbles or anything that looked liked a leak. i tried this test for 5 nights with the water shut off.same results.water all gone from bowl starting from just below top of tube where water is suppose to stop. american standard told me to take it back to lowes where i bought it. yes i do have the receipt .ive already talked to them at lowes. what im wondering is ,is the next stool going to do the same thing? is this normal for american standard operations for a stool.
does another company make a high rise,disability,space-saver,close-to -wall-unit, that would compare to this.?we havent seen any around here. i dont want to pull this out if im wasting my time,especially the way it flushes.we are not that happy with it as far as far as flusing ability.
a professional plummer installed this stool .just in case your wondering.
any input would be extremely appreciatted,thank you very much.
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By any chance is this a American Standard Champion toilet?

If so, they have gained a reputation of having many, many problems.

I would also contact the plumber who installed this toilet and ask what he thinks of the situation.

He may not want to deal with it since you purchased the toilet, kinda takes the plumber off the hook, so to speak.

Let us know what became of your situation.

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