Hot Water in Toilet and High Pitch Noise


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Question Hot Water in Toilet and High Pitch Noise

This morning I was minding my own business getting ready for work when I heard a very loud high pitch whistling noise. When I followed the sound I found that it was coming from my upstairs bathroom toilet. This toilet is rarely used - maybe once a month. I took the top off the tank and found that the noise was coming from that float device in the tank. When I pushed down, the water stopped flowing in and the noise stopped. Now here's the weird part. The water in the tank and the water coming in the float device was VERY warm, almost hot. The water coming from the sink is perfectly cold. It just started getting hot here in Memphis, Tennessee, about 90 degrees every day this week. For now I turned off the water flow into the toilet and the noise stopped when I did that.

What's a girl to do????

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You may have a bad washer in a faucet or shower fixture. When this happens, the opposite water supply leaks into other fixtures (crosses over). Since the toilet was running water, thats where the hot water would go. If you had turned on the sinks cold water, it would have been warm. You may have to do a process of elimination by turning off the supply valve under one fixture at a time and seeing if that cures it. Problem here is that the tub/shower usually does not have individual shut-off valves. Another problem is that it may not even be in the bathroom. Could be another faucet. Good luck.
One last option I can think of is to get the toilet running again, and go from fixture to fixture and feel the cold water supply lines to see if they are getting warm. Again, you probaly can't do this with the tub/shower.
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I really see it as two problems.

First: the hot water could be coming from a failing mixing valve. Some toilets have a mixing valve to allow some hot water mix with the cold water to moderate temperature to reduce condensation on the outside of the toilet tank.

Second: the noise may be coming from a piece of debris stuck in the valve. I would try flushing the toilet several times to see if it will dislodge the debris. If this does not work you may have to disassemble the valve to clear it out.

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